The 10 best hotels in Shenzhen


Shenzhen is a rapidly growing city in the Southern part of China. Tourists, businessmen, and businesswomen flock here daily, flooding the streets with people in need of a place to stay during their trip. Luckily, Shenzhen offers travelers a multitude of sleeping arrangements; from 5-star skyscraper hotels to chic boutique hotels, the city’s got it all. In this article you’ll find the city’s 10 best hotels.

>> Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers

The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen

It is hard to go wrong when booking a room at The Ritz-Carlton, and this branch, located in the Central Business District in Shenzhen, will not disappoint. Guests staying at this Ritz-Carlton will enjoy a 5-star experience during their entire stay. With a perfect location for both tourists and business people, as well as incredible amenities (a full-service spa, nightclub, multiple pools and hot tubs, a 24-hour fitness center, and a handful of restaurants and bars), this hotel’s guests enjoy quite an experience. For traveling families, The Ritz-Carlton offers childcare and activities for younger guests, making it an enjoyable stay for everyone. You can’t go wrong with booking at The Ritz-Carlton in Shenzhen!

Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzen

Shangri-La Hotels are well known for a reason; being a 5-star chain hotel attracts a lot of attention from travelers. The hotel’s high ratings come not only from their sleek decor, but also from their killer amenities. Shangri-La Hotel offers guests practically everything they could want, including a selection of restaurants to child care. Not only is the hotel excellent, but so is its location. The Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen is located in the heart of the city, just minutes away from popular destinations.

Grand Skylight Hotel, Shenzhen via Agoda 

Grand Skylight Hotel, Shenzhen

Located in the Central Business District in Shenzhen, the Grand Skylight Hotel has terrific ratings, as well as incredible views. Travelers have quick access to both tourist attractions and the city center. From many of the hotel’s windows, guests get a breathtaking view of Shenzhen’s city; skyscrapers can be seen at eye-level, and below, a bustling city. On top of all of this, the Grand Skylight Hotel has its own spa services, bar, and two of its own restaurants, giving guests the ultimate hotel experience.

Huaqiang Plaza Hotel, Shenzhen

In the heart of Shenzhen’s business district, this hotel is for adults onlyCatering to mature clientele like it does, the Huaqiang Plaza Hotel is quite lavish. Both the hotel’s exterior and interior design is stunning; from the cylindrical shaped building to the modern rooms, everything about it looks sleek and elegant. Guests staying here not only have an amazing staff ready to assist them, but also have an unforgettable view of downtown Shenzhen from their windows; what more could you ask for?

Hui Hotel, Shenzhen

It doesn’t get much more fabulous than the Hui Hotel in Shenzhen. From the outside, the building is white and rectangular with random cube-like formations protruding from its sides. From the inside though, the building is captivating in a different way, with glossy floors and earth-tones throughout, and some of the most elegant furniture around. On top of this, the hotel is also located near Shenzhen’s city center, making it convenient for travelers looking to experience all that the southern China city has to offer.

Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen

Staying at this hotel feels similarly to staying at a resort; the Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen is a tourist’s paradise. This colossal building is equipped with its own nightclub, restaurants and lounges, indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis court, and even a golf course. Guests enjoy the luxury of having everything they could possibly want in one place. The Sunshine Hotel’s amenities, modern rooms, helpful staff, excellent location, and delicious food make it one of the best hotels in all of Shenzhen; when traveling, be sure to keep this hotel in mind!

Sunshine Hotel Shenzhen via Agoda

Hotel Kapok, Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen

From the outside, Hotel Kapok and its surroundings are stunning; the hotel itself is oddly shaped and metallic-looking, and it is surrounded by cityscape, mountains, and the Shenzhen Bay. From the inside, guests have the pleasure of looking at the beautiful scenery outside or intricate decor inside. Guests staying here have access to never-ending amenities, a garden area and a rooftop terrace overlooking both the bay and city. Staying at Hotel Kapok will not be a disappointment.

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Staying at a Grand Hyatt is a 5-star experience and Grand Hyatt Shenzhen proves to be no different.  Surrounded by skyscrapers, this hotel guarantees breathtaking views of the heart of the city, especially at night when the sun sets over the buildings and city comes alive with light and color. Being in the middle of everything gives this hotel a convenience factor like no other; everything a tourist could want or need is either located in the hotel itself, or right outside its doors. For a traveler looking to truly experience Shenzhen, this is a perfect home base.

JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen

For an airport hotel, the JW Marriott in Bao’an, Shenzhen is the best. Suitable for both solo travelers and families, the JW Marriott is an amazing time, as it includes a full-service spa experience and high-quality food and drinks from their restaurant and lounge. When it comes to families, the JW Marriott in Bao’an supplies fun for everyone; children have access to an exclusive children’s club, which is equipped with a ball pit and play area, and the entire family can enjoy a day at the hotel’s rooftop pool area. All-in-all, the JW Marriott’s airport hotel is the perfect place to stay before or after a flight.

Shenzhen Castle Hotel

The hotel’s name is a not-so-subtle indicator of just how luxurious it is. Equipped with its own sprawling golf course, outdoor tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, and nightclub, the Shenzhen Castle Hotel’s guests have a hard time getting bored while staying here. Did we mention that it also has its own full-service spa and three of its own restaurants on site? Between the amenities offered and its eager staff, the Shenzhen Castle Hotel has a way of making guests feel like royalty.

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